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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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Music Poems

Musical compositions by Shannon Lauriston, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, featuring the poetry of Annette L. Grunseth. A wonderful combination showcasing the talents of two spendiferous ladies.

The Cup

Hold your hands
one inside the other
listen to steady rain
roll off the porch roof
smoothing your anxious edges
hands cupped, sip
on songs of house finches
sleek music of cardinals
amid an afternoon shower.
Listen for guidance within
take shelter, weather-out feelings
lean a while
let peace reside
in the cup of your hand--
soak up The Spirit
who is steady
like the rain

-- Annette L. Grunseth

Sun Salutation
At the first arrow of sun,
a seedling of
of light is planted upon
the sapling,
to awaken
this young pine,
also a seedling,
an upstart, emerging.
Light green is born into this morning
rays enlighten it
make this traveler beam
to breathe in what
the sun chooses
to frame in yellow
on this wooded path
a gift so easily missed yet
always, there,
especially today.

-- Annette L. Grunseth

The Quietest Place on Earth
I’ve entered the quietest
place on earth, must hold my breath
inside this endless absence;
no media, no traffic or talk.
I feel an over-the-shoulder
sense of expectation
as if something is about to
happen,       but doesn't.
I hear a hushed hum of nothing,
does it come from within?
In this voiceless land,
I spot the twitch of a rabbit's ears,
the flit of a desert wren, hear a
muffled whistle of raven wings passing;
feel the silent quiver of bat wings
returning to roost.
That low, distant hum still buzzes,
could it be the soundless flow of time passing,
the gentle presence of eternity?

-- Annette L. Grunseth

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