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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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Photo Poems

Poetry is a natural combined with other media. There is a lot of experimentation in this area -- poetry and dance, poetry and movies, poetry and
music, and poetry and photography.

I like to write/create them as gifts.

WFOP poet Annette Grunseth, a poetpal, is working on a collection of photo poems. Here's a sampling of works in progress.

I took an early morning walk in the woods at Moon Beach Camp, a church camp we go to in the summertime outside of St. Germain WI. It was shaded and dark on the bog trail in the misty morning and suddenly this arrow of light spotlighted this baby pine tree. I stopped just to watch—and breathe in this moment. I wanted to hold it forever, truly a moment of grace—- to share with my readers and art appreciators.
— Annette Grunseth

Annette Grunseth, Green Bay, is a poet and freelance writer. After a long career in healthcare marketing and public relations, she has settled into writing poetry inspired by words and phrases encountered on a daily basis -- overheard snippets of conversation and  life experiences.  Her poems have appeared in Peninsula Pulse, Wisconsin Academy Review,  Midwest Prairie Review, Free Verse, The Door Voice, Fox Cry Review and Ariel Anthology. Her work has also appeared in the anthology Poetry of Cold  and she often reads her poetry at Wisconsin poetry events.

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