The Organ Recital

The Organ Recital


We never imagined it would come to this.

Our combined years in concert

with aches and ailments,

pains in four-part harmony,

limb for limb,

knee to hip to

rotator cuff:

Repairs, replacements, fusions.

Aortic valves and pacemakers,

shattered ankles and arthritic bones.

The orchestration tells us we are old

and what we talked about in our “twenties”

with over-the-hill jokes and gags gifts

of Depends, Ex-Lax and aspirin

have become a symbiotic symphony now.

From bulging veins to drop foot and the

percussion of kidney stones making their painful way,

with adagio gallbladders, and plaque beating

in rhythm through cholesterol clogged arteries,

some in syncopation with atrial fibrillation.

Our recitals are getting longer

the days are getting shorter.

Everyone is their own maestro of misery.

Conversations begin with sciatica or sinuses,

allergies,        even anal seepage.

We’ve become a choir of constipation

singing all things medical.

Put aside this unfinished symphony of sickness.


Listen to the sweet music of possibility

It’s a new day.


Annette Grunseth 10-2014