Live Like A Water Lily - Annette, July 15

Live Like a Water Lily

Water lilies wake up slowly

float in their dreamy

world --  soft arms folded over their

faces until mid-morning

when they open from the center of their bodies

as sun warms them awake.

Soft and supple, they breathe from

more than one place.

They do not worry

about yesterday or tomorrow.

They don’t care what you think of them.

Their egg-yellow centers are tough, strong,

nourished by water and sun.

Wind and wave may engulf their entirety

yet they separate their bodies from water

open their faces to the heavens,

pull back the beads of dark water,

move freely in open space

buoyant and beautiful,

making white water circles

in the sun until mid afternoon

when they fold gently into themselves

drowsing in the dimming daylight.

Oh! If only

to live like a water lily.

           Annette Grunseth © 2014