Discovery, dysphoria, disconnection, depression,

desperate distance, diminishing identity, discovery of truth,

non-delusional, deliberate. Take off the mask,

the ultimate who, trying on new face.


The one named is renamed, baby photos adorn the hallway,

hold sweet memory, the old Christmas stocking

remains named the same. Proud graduation photo

with suit and tie: She still embraces the past.


Curly hair, grown long, try on redhead, lipstick and

pencil skirt, soft skin, rounded features, gentle touch,

necklaces, dangly earrings, cuddly sweaters, same blue eyes,

with sparkle. Breasts and voice rise.


Energy, outgoing, the wind blows stronger now,

She is the same but in a new wrapper, much happier.

All are equal. No one has sinned. This was not a choice.

Give your acceptance. Allow her to be. It’s still Love.