I've been thinking long and hard about my dictionary poems, getting them into some kind of order. I almost have each letter of the alphabet... so 26 poems. In addition, I was thinking a preface and perhaps an appendix that were more "explanatory"... with filler (white space) pages before each letter... a is for... b is for... c is for... thoughts?

A full collection of poems is at least 40 pages. However, when I tried to write 2 poems per letter it got ucky and contrived... plus I think the poems need space between... I dunna know... just what I am thinking right now.

Here's a shot at a preface.

pref / ace

1: I accede to the coverlet,
agree to the backwards lip in a
pact with sonorous breath.

2: My sister gave me a book of dreams.

3: I was present for the parade,
two by two, like bookends.

4: My grief grows old.

5: My sister didn’t always behave.
Dreams, too, can be recalcitrant,
          showy, or taciturn.

6: She believed in mediation,
interceding between awake
     and not.

7: She bought new beds for her children so she could visit.

8: To me, she hitchhikes.

9: I recall the dark unconscious.