Sense of Belly

Here's one not quite so cryptic. Hopefully you can access it more. I was trying something different with indenting, but it definitely doesn't work here.

Sense of Belly

In addition to the four
I didn't know about.

Kinesthesis, sense of body position,
how I like to be at eye-level,
body conforming to the floor,
worn carpet.

Sense of body movement,
name like a hallway: vestibular,
my slow-motion motion
of reaching open-armed, chasing.

Pain fast-tracks my nerve endings
in preternatural surprise.
The funny bone is not so funny.

Degree of heat in the body
measures on a sliding scale,
as in taking temperature.

My one-year-old grandson 
shows me his belly

The button is convincing
as the newest new sense,
especially when his finger finds it.

Belly-awareness is wordless,
smiling between us.

The discovery leads to the journey
of peek-a-boo skin,

smooth as what I imagine
wonder would be.