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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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Prolific (PAD Day 15, write an adjective poem)

Prolific  <Adjective poem>

1: Bedtime barrage, brain in fast forward re-play.
          All tabs open. Creative crisis, dream crashers. Wakeful.

2: No forethought, free range children everywhere.

3: Rabbit stereotype. Sparrows, squirrels, more squirrels.
            Peanuts grow in my flower beds, a stash crop.

4: First blush of dandelion, vast. Yellow clouds settle on grass,
                         soon blow like snow. Carrot-like root dig down,
                         leaves sweet wine.

5:  Bird-split chaff of sunflower grounded in winter. Raking, raking.

6:   Clothing falls off, wire fallopian triangles multiply.

7:  Pines drop their young. Dry, feathered, fire-starters.

8:  Random as a sample, filling in small circles with #2 lead.

9: sea life hidden, awash in darkness.

10: Adjectives: big, small, white, blue, green, mysterious, fun, prolific.

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