Here's my wine poem so far--(I keep revising it)

Are we competing in the same contest?   ;-)   What do you think? Does this stand a chance at winning a case of wine?  (If I win--I'll share! )

Bouquet of Reds

Uncorked, cradled in your palm
the neck held with the other hand,
tipped, gently poured,
a crimson tulip unfurls in the glass
then with a twist of wrist,
a few sanguine drops lick
the mouth of the bottle, rolling back in.
Nose this bulb of nectar, buoyant bouquet of
malbec, merlot,
sangiovese, or zinfandel
sip, breathe in open-lipped,
pleasure perfectly balanced
a finish that lingers the evening,
and pairs well with friends.