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Four Leaf Luck

For John, Honor Flight #45

 Plucked from peaceful land
I was pressed into his wallet,
flew to Battle of the Bulge with your Dad,
a darn good medic who saw too much blood,
looked death in the face, yet saved many.

Still pressed and passed along,
I joined you in Vietnam,
where fear was again defined,
Viet Cong snipers marked you with a bounty,
you were damn lucky to make it back.

Still in service I went with you
to the hospital for chemo, sniper drugs
every three weeks, six-day tours,
six cycles, for six months,
killing Agent Orange’s cancer.

 Though I am brown and frail,
I will continue to be with you
at the clinic, at your scans and
check ups, tucked inside your wallet
pressed to keep you safe.

 (This is for John. Honor Flight does a Mail call.. cards and letters from family and friends, given in a packet to each vet on their flight home. This will be in one of the envelopes. I've been collecting cards and letters from his Vietnam buddies, and fam and friends for the past 2 weeks). What do you think? Does it makes sense?




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