Tori--I'm trying my first Haibun.  Editor of Haiku Mag once said at a WFOP conf. Haiku is not about arithmetic. but the turn.  I'm struggling with syllables...and the turn. I've written many versions of both haiku...here's the latest.  Am I even close?


Hurling shouts and rocks
students on campus
National Guard marching

After discharge from the Army and a year in Vietnam hell, my brother returned to the Madison campus filled with nightmares and shrapnel. Fraternity brothers’ hate-filled faces called out killer, and how could you go to war?

It was not a choice, caught in the draft of war. He served because it was required.  He thought about conscientious objector. He thought about Canada. He thought about being a citizen.

Protesters, if your draft numbers were low, would you have gone or fled? Whose boots did you wear while protesting? Were they covered in dust, mud and blood? Did you  scream in terror because of what you saw? Did you hear mortars whistling, exploding? Were there snipers on your way to class?  Why did you shout hate and spit?  

President commands
shocked solider in fox hole
trying to stay alive