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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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First Bra

Your poem last night inspired me!  I'm thinking of adding some "growing up" poems to the Vietnam MSS to break up the heavy topic and demonstrate our brother/sister relationship. This could be one of those poems....

Breast buds have started to show,
two small bumps point through my summer top.
Mother takes me downtown to Johnson Hills
to buy my first bra -- it’s more like a wart holder
than a full-on brassiere.

At home in my closed-door room,
with newly blossoming womanhood,
I begin in front, fasten that one hook
then turn the bra around to my back.
I slide the straps up and over my shoulders,

pulling the flat cups over my chest,
admiring the white outline
under my pale yellow, sleeveless blouse.
I saunter into the livingroom,
bend over the low coffee table,

pretend to read the cover of Life Magazine,
wrap my arms around my sides in a hug,
pulling my blouse tight against my back.
My brother walks past; he teases,
I see we’re sporting something new!

Red-faced I turn, feigning surprise he noticed.

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