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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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I See the Face of Nefertiti in a Lawn Ornament

I pulled this randomly out of my journal…trying to establish a better morning ritual of writing… something of a departure…

I See the Face of Nefertiti in a Lawn Ornament

The beautiful woman has come
to me in my errand, spinning roads
in the old neighborhood,
turquoise probability of the sky
slowing down slowing down
for curbs
and sidewalks,
bike nostalgia in yards,
white-painted chairs on porches,
reservoir of ancient history
occurring in my side vision,
sliding past the plastic cast
lawn ornament,
I see Nefertiti,
Queen of Egypt,
perhaps king
it is speculated
from a bust unearthed in the ruin of a sculptor's workshop,
her crown of blue diadem,
single gaze of quartz,
portraying her sovereignty,
her equality,
her love of a Pharaoah, six daughters,
absolute belief in the one and only sun god.
As I revolve in my mission,
distracted by headlines and deadlines,
signposts to missed turns,
she comes to me as an ideal of womanhood.
Yet she was powerful.
Yet she was powerless to stop the next generation
from undoing all she had done.
And so it goes.

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