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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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Principle of Everything

Annette, here’s the poem I wrote today, springboarding from the prompt and a recent podcast I listened to that related God to beauty and the comparison of two kinds of people… those that relate the outside or nature to their interior life… and those that experience it as something other.

Principle of Everything

         Childhood was what we used to pretend.
The thread count of forts or sails or long,
         trailing dresses as we attended masquerade balls

         hosted by epaulets or wicked queenly mantle
who took golden maple leaves as invitations,
         linking arms through the forest.

          To deeper rooms in meadow,
we'd pull back back the stems of dandelions
         exuding white milkiness, curling into rosettes

         we'd place behind each ear.
The trees would dematerialize all three of us sisters,
          turning us spritely in our gossamer gowns.

          The moon behind it all, shooting lunar
power from the ends of our fingers. This energy
          we were so conscious of lighting a trail

          up our vertebrae to the bouquet of our cowlicks, 
down the lengths of our arms and legs.
          Our knees were magical.

          The outside of our innermost, the moonglow
stayed with us despite curfews and coaxing. Night-blooming
      in our beds like the five points of a star.

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