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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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There is No Hurry

Day 19 writing prompt: I highlighted lines from our Jan 14-15-16 writing days plus fragments of sentences/images from NINETEEN days of prompts, wrote them on a bunch of cards. Also typed them into the computer as just lines. I thought: I have a bunch of nonsense BUT then I shuffled, then selected lines that related to one of my themes: “The passing of time”. This poem started to emerge. The different prompts gave me images and metaphors that I would never have discovered if not for: Exploring the photo in day 2, making lists another day, the geology terms, and that google map. This is a different kind poem for me. I’m interested in what you think. Does it make sense? Does it need to? I had all this “garbage” in my free write pages, I felt so disorganized but I pulled out these nuggets. What a surprise!

As a child, where the
mystery of life starts and ends

parents are like silent giants standing in the mist
at the intersection of an angled street.

Through double doors, more glass than wood
I cannot hold onto them.

We forget memories we can’t remember
They disappear like vapor on a cold morning

the long slide of alluvial mess
no cake in sight

like pulling a wisdom tooth from the ground
through an opening, the anti-black hole.

Living is first nature,

slow me down,
to slow
the passing of time

 how can I be on the other side of so many years?
Before and after is just a false binary*

Isn’t it family that ties us together?
Now becomes the past, forever.

There is no hurry
the sun is not setting, but turning toward light

(*A line from Jenny Xie)

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