Stream of consciousness on steroids. This flowed out at 3 am. , disjointed spacing too. What do you think? New for me:


Inflammation deflamer
appetite aperture
     everything looks good

minding my own
       ambushed by energy

   like Jitter bugs
       like June bugs
            like ants in pants

Pin prick pains
      throbbing thinking

Facial Flushing
     Heads up
                 Looks like sun burn
Cover up with make up

Internal interwebs drive the bus here
        three a.m. do you know where the sandman is?

Localized to the joints they said
          But the Party is zooming
              to my brain.

I did not RSVP
     six feet of subway travels upward
              in me, of me,  around me.

“What’s the buzz,
            hey, what’s happening”

I’m headed for the stars
            without the Mothership

So many words
            So little time
                 cauterize cliches
                       then  write, write, write


Annette Grunseth 06-13-2019