Daughter of Wands

Annette, I’m trying something new. Using my tarot deck… and approaching the card I draw as a prompt…. here’s the explanation for Daughter of Wands…The daughter is going to a new home with her companion, the unicorn. The whooping cranes guide the way. RIGHT (the cards are circular and their direction adds dimension to the reading): She may be heading toward recklessness or at least unusually flamboyant behavior.

Daughter is a loaded word
I ask the cards
What do I do with my grief

Shuffling the deck
My mother is a unicorn
A creature of rarity

She makes my thirst possible
Drink the water already
Home is always a journey

A whooping crane startles the way
with its switchgrass squawking,
walking with diffidence

I don't own the recklessness
but the energy is mine
A daughter silts the earth

Each phase a soil horizon
Layering the womanhood
Answering the disquiet