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If a woman wants to be a poet, she must dwell in the house of the tomato. -- Erica Jong

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The Stories She Tell 

Destinny Fletcher

Destinny Fletcher

If my hair could tell stories
She would speak Volumes
Tidal waves through bridges that runeth over Curse the avalanche in her tongue
She will speak only in tongues
She will speak in the language she's from Disobey the melanin they claim her to be Spite the order they believe she can see If my hair could tell stories
She would spit fire at your feet
Ground your presence every time she speaks She speaks to me
Evolution Power Revolution Devour
My hair is a protest
A march between my curls A nation within my scalp
A flag launched within my naps If my hair could tell stories
She would show you the battle damage
Clip her striped ends and twist out her shouts She has never been straightened out
Been pulled and yanked but curly nonetheless Yes
She is beautiful Yes
She is Strong Yes
She is Woman
Foretell the secrets to her black
Prophesy her fortune between her parted seas The God she speaks
Greased and rough around her edges If my hair could tell stories
She would cry
Laugh until her follicles swayed together Frown with persistence in her tone
Smile while she grows Watch her grow Watch her glow Shimmer
Rewind the details and repeat her song My hair tells me stories
I will never stop listening

By Destinny Fletcher

Published in Black Girl Be Storm 2016. Pg. 4. and Short Film selections.

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